Finding my rhythm and trying not to be late

After I had my first daughter in May of 2009, I forced myself to be out and about as soon as I was able to be…and as often as I could be. Mommy & Baby yoga, shopping, downtown Boston and visiting my grandparents were staples on the agenda. Oh, and don’t forget play dates!

One day during my maternity leave, I had a play date scheduled for 10am. A friend of mine and her daughter planned to come over to my house and we were taking the girls for a nice long walk, followed by lunch and hanging out.

She arrived 3 HOURS LATE!!! Granted, she did call me a few times during the three hours to tell me she was running late, the baby was still sleeping, etc., etc., etc. But come on, three hours late is completely unacceptable. A play date wasn’t my only activity on the agenda for the day. Later that afternoon, I was picking up a friend from the train station in downtown Boston, then cooking for a dinner party for six that evening. So instead of our play date being done and by 1pm, it was just beginning. I still managed to go for a walk, hit the grocery store, pick up my friend, cook and entertain.

Tardiness was a common theme I was noticing not just with that friend, but with many Moms. Are Moms ALWAYS late? If so, I didn’t want to be lumped into that category.

So, to avoid being late, I became super organized (some may use the words anal or OCD). At night after I put my daughter down to sleep, I’d organize my bag for the next day with everything I needed…diapers, wipes, bottles, pump, toys, etc. I’d lay out my clothes for the next day for my daughter and me. We’d be set to go.

I found my rhythm.

Fast forward to September 2011. I now have my 2-year-old daughter and a 1-month-old newborn.

Rhythm GONE!

Over the weekend, my husband and I were trying to leave the house at 8:30 for a fun day out with my in-laws who are visiting from Seattle. What time did we leave the house? 8:50! Twenty-minutes late. UNACCEPTABLE.

How did I lose my rhythm??? Well, for starters, I forgot how much STUFF you need when you have a newborn. If I go out for 6 hours with my 2-year-old, I may need 2 diapers. With my newborn, I could go through 2 diapers in 5 minutes! Don’t forget my pump (b/c I’m pumping and giving my newborn bottled breast milk). Change of clothes for all involved because you never know when projectile spit-up or worse may occur. Bottles and formula just in case. Bottle warmer. Baby sling. Snacks (for me and my older daughter). Camera…always need it with me.

So, I know what I need with me when I leave the house.  I just need to get myself organized in advance so I can leave on time or early.

I’m learning from my mistakes over the past few weeks and pledge to be on-time or early and organized from this point out. I’ll check back with you next month to see if I can keep my promise!