Bringing up my girls to love sports and not wear pink hats

If you’re a girl, and you love or play sports, do you have to wear pink?

The whole “pink hat” thing bothers me. If the hat is pink and donates to breast cancer, different story…but I am not a fan of sports hats and apparel that are made for girls and woman in pink. I’m a fan of Boston and New England teams because I grew up here. Last time I checked, the Patriots colors are blue, red and silver. Celtics colors are green and white. Bruins colors are black and gold. Red Sox colors are Red and Blue. NOT PINK.

To be fair, I’m also not a fan of any other colors other than the intended ones (I’ve seen Red Sox hats in purple, green, yellow, etc., same goes for other teams).

But back to my point. I was not a natural athlete as a kid. I tried softball, soccer, tennis, etc., but it just wasn’t in me. My athletic talent took me down the dancing, gymnastics, skating, cheerleading route. I was pretty good at all of them. I was even a cheerleader during my time at Syracuse University. The whole “pink hat” thing wasn’t around when I was in high school or college…but could you imagine me wearing a Syracuse Orange hat that was pink? Seems ridiculous right?

I learned about sports from my mother. I never remember my mother wearing pink gear. I remember learning about baseball’s 4 balls, 3 strikes, 3 outs and football’s four downs and first and tens during the ’86 World Series and ’85 Super Bowl. I hope to bring up my daughters as both athletes and sports fans (of course, if they decide they like sports…fingers crossed!).

I’m hoping my husband passes down some of his athletic genes to our daughters (he was a pro soccer player). I’d love my girls to be both graceful and athletic and take both dance/gymnastics classes and play other sports as well. If my daughters decide to take after their father and play soccer, I don’t want their first soccer ball to be pink. If my daughters decide to be Red Sox fans, I want their first baseball caps to be blue…like normal Red Sox hats. And if hockey or lacrosse are their passions, I don’t want their sticks to be pink.

My older daughter has her share of sports apparel already…and as you probably guessed, none of it is pink! Hopefully it stays that way.

I know many of you agree with me…but many of you disagree with me…so let’s hear it!