The Big Bang Theory

I love being a woman. There are so many fun things we can do to change things up, from our clothes to our makeup to our hair and accessories. And I LOVE shaking things up a bit.  Ya know, one day I wear leather and the next day lace.

Well,  this week I’m thinking about changing up my hair. Last month I changed the color a bit…adding more reddish highlights instead of blonde. This week, I’m considering bangs. I have a long sordid past with bangs.

I had bangs as a kid, all the way until the summer before my junior year in college. That’s a lot of bangs. And boy did they go through some phases. Perms, poofy, feathered, you name it.

The first picture is in middle school. Second picture is freshman year of college…yes, college. Third picture is fall 2009. Yes, they’ve evolved.

So here I am again considering bangs. I had them just over a year ago and then let them grow out last summer. I like the idea of bangs as they definitely can work to frame your face and add some dimension. I’m just not sure if I should pull the trigger, so that’s why I’m asking you!

To bang or not to bang, that is the questions.

The picture on the left is summer 2010. Picture on the right is fall 2011. Thoughts? Preference? Bangs or no bangs.