Healthy Eats for the Family at a Surprising Spot

I try as hard as I can to provide the best, freshest, local organic food for my family. We hit up farmer’s markets on the weekend, check out local organic food stands, buy a lot from Whole Foods, and try to “shop the perimeter” at our local grocery store.

During a recent trip to BJ’s over the weekend, I was shocked at the amount of natural and organic products they are selling. Typically, our BJ’s shopping trips are for detergent (laundry and dish), paper towels, toilet paper, spices, and some random toiletries. But during this visit, my husband and I were just poking through each aisle and were pleasantly surprised to see so many organic options. BJ’s offers a line called “Earth’s Pride” and is organic. I also noticed some other natural and organic brands as well. I guess I never really thought to look for organic items at BJ’s…but I’m so glad I found them.

Here are a few organic items that we found at BJ’s that we typically buy at the grocery store:

  • Organic Coffee – they offered one variety that I saw for $16.99/40 oz. Considering Starbucks coffee sells for $10/lb, this seems like a good deal if you need your morning java to start your day.
  • Milk – organic milk for $2.79/half-gallon. The Earth’s Pride line offered skim, 1%, 2% and whole options. We bought this and it was great. Considering the organic milk we typically buy at the grocery store is $3.79 or $4.29/half-gallon, this was a steal. And it’s sold by the half-gallon so you don’t feel like you are walking out with the entire cow. Horizon also offered organic milk for $3.69/half-gallon, along with half n half and chocolate milk. .
  • Organic YoBaby Yogurt – The staple of many parents of little ones was offered for $8.49/16. We buy a 4-pack at our local grocery store for $2.79. So you save more than $2 buying from BJ’s. The drawback is they rarely if ever change up the flavors…I’ve only seen the banana/vanilla flavors sold (8 of each).
  • Organic Eggs – Pete & Gerry’s organic eggs were selling for $3.69/dozen. These usually sell in our local grocery store for $4.29+…and again, it’s nice to be able to just buy by the dozen.
  • Organic Lettuce and Spinach – Fresh Express Organic offered lettuce and spinach for $4.99/16 oz. I buy this quantity (not exact brand) in my local store for $5.99/11 oz., so BJ’s saves you more than a buck.
  • Organic Chicken Broth- For whatever reason, I feel like I am always buying chicken broth. I was so excited to see the Pacific Foods Organic Chicken Broth at BJ’s for the amazing price of $10.99/6 32 oz. containers. At my local grocery store, I pay $3.99 for one 32-oz container. That’s a HUGE SAVINGS! And since it doesn’t go bad quickly, the bulk quantity is fine, at least for me.

I also saw frozen organic berries (great for a pie), as well as some natural meat selections (chicken and beef), organic olive oil, carrots and many other items. I didn’t comb every single aisle…but I think I found something organic in every aisle I went down. It was such a pleasant surprise. Check it out on your next visit.

Happy shopping!