Happy Birthday Mickey and Minnie Mouse

Did you know today is the birthday of Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse?

Meeting Minnie in May

Meeting Mickey in May

According to the Disney site:

The first Mickey Mouse cartoon shown to the public was “Steamboat Willie,” which had its debut at the Colony Theatre in New York City on November 18, 1928… November 18, 1928, the date that “Steamboat Willie” debuted, is recognized as the official birthday of Mickey Mouse.

Mickey Mouse’s girlfriend, Minnie, made her film debut, along with Mickey, in “Steamboat Willie”… That date is recognized as her official birthday. Along with Mickey, who shares her birthday, and Donald Duck, she is one of only three Disney characters with an officially recognized birthday. 

So in honor of Mickey and Minnie’s birthday today, here are some fun coloring pages from the Disney website.

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