I am a very brand friendly blogger and I get it…I’m a chief marketing officer at my day job so I understand the need for brands to connect in unique, meaningful ways with their consumers. With 13+ years experience in marketing, PR, sports and broadcast, I can be a great spokesperson or ambassador for your brand.

The rules. Yes, I set them. You follow them.

I’d love to promote your brand in fun, unique and creative ways…IF I like it. I get pitches all the time. Many of them are great pitches, but if it is not a product that I would use, or that my family would use, I’m not going to endorse it, review it, give it away or mention it. And if it is a product that I would use, but after testing it out I don’t like it, I won’t review it. It’s not my practice to give bad reviews on my site. I may not like something, but someone else may love it.

Let’s do some fun things together! I focus on Family, Fashion, Food and Fun (which kind of covers it all!).

Contact me at: kelly {at} tinysophisticate {dot} com

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