My Paleo Shopping Guide

I’ve talked about my new Paleo lifestyle before in the past when I told everyone that my husband put me on a diet. I’ve been eating Paleo since May and I’m loving it. Aside from losing 14 pounds, I just feel better.

Paleo has transformed me and my life, and also my shopping. I basically shop the perimeter of the grocery store. And not even just the regular grocery store, same applies for Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s.

Since we stay away from all processed foods (as well as dairy and gluten), that eliminates the center aisles for the most part. My grocery list includes:

  • Fruits and vegetables – I try to buy fresh, local organic whenever possible. But also buy frozen organic when fruits are not in season. We don’t buy organic bananas or a few other things because it’s not necessary. We love to have the kitchen stocked with apples, pears, grapes, kiwi, peppers, onions, squash, tomatoes, eggplant, artichokes and brussel sprouts.
  • Eggs – We should probably buy a chicken….we buy a lot of organic omega 3 eggs
  • Organic, grass-fed meats – We typically buy our red meat from a local farm, and also find organic chicken at Trader Joe’s
  • Some nuts – We stay away from peanuts but love raw almonds

And that’s it! I do buy some things for my children in the center aisles, but I’m slowly trying to get them away from all the processed stuff too! We make gluten-free pancakes and baked goods, and integrate almond milk instead of cow’s milk where ever we can.


Do I cheat? Of course I do! Pizza is one of my favorite foods and I do indulge in a regular pizza now and then. But I’ve also found some “paleo” pizza recipes that are delish! And other items, I’ll order a gluten-free pizza. Cheese is also another craving that I indulge in once in a while.

Overall, I’ve found that my shopping trips are much faster now…and the food in my cart is so much healthier! The only downside…there are never coupons for “healthy” foods. What’s your shopping routine?

4 thoughts on “My Paleo Shopping Guide

  1. My goal for January is to become “as paleo as possible.” Did you find it hard switching over to healthier foods when you were used to eating processed? I’m worried I won’t like the taste of healthier foods because the tastes of nasty/processed foods have become engrained in me.

    • I can’t say it was easy…but being a “health” decision helped push me. I did miss some of my processed favorites, especially pasta. I went cold turkey for 6 weeks, then allowed a few cheat meals every week. I had a pasta cheat meal and felt terrible after…and that has helped me with my cravings for the bad stuff :) If I really want to eat something, I’ll eat it. Most weeks, my “cheat” meal is Mexican food. Or pizza. So I’m not depriving myself of anything…just making better choices 90% of the time! I think it helps to look at it that way. Good luck!

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