Rules for Parents Weekend Away

My husband and I are going away this weekend to celebrate our anniversary (7th anniversary was on January 1st). My husband planned it all and surprised me with it. To be honest, at first I was reluctant to go. Why? Well, we have not been away without our daughters, except for when we were in the hospital having baby #2. I’ve been to NYC, but he was home with the girls. He’s been away for a night for work, but I was home with the girls. And we’ve been away on vacation but we’ve taken them (well, actually we just took #1…#2 hasn’t been on vacation yet!).

So, I finally agreed and we are off to Newport, RI this weekend where we got married. I’m excited….it’s going to be a great time. But I’m setting some ground rules!


  1. No talking about our daughters…at least for the first 5 minutes we are away :)
  2. No sweats…cute clothing only!
  3. We will stay out late (and by late I mean 10pm)
  4. We will sleep in (and by “in” I mean 7am)
  5. We will eat, drink and be merry
  6. We will take pictures of us…just us as a couple (considering we have thousands of the kids!)
I’ll let you know how we do! Off to pack and list out all the info on the kids for the grandparents who will be in charge!


6 thoughts on “Rules for Parents Weekend Away

    • Thanks Julie! You are so right…those are the two that will be tough. There is not way we won’t talk about the girls the second we leave them. It will be a lot of fun though. Maybe next time will be for longer and a warm tropical destination!

  1. ENJOY! My guess is you’ll have a great dinner and both of you will look like a million bucks as usual. You’ll go to bed late by your standards…maybe 10:30 or so. You’ll be up in the morning and ready to head home to see the girls. ENJOY!

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