Repurposing Baby Gear, Gadgets and Stuff

After your newborn becomes a baby, and your baby becomes a toddler and your toddler becomes a big kid, and your big kid becomes a teenager, and then your teenager becomes an adult…what do you do with all the stuff?

The stuff…you know…the stuff you need, think you need or just bought and never used during each stage. Well, as a mom to a two-year-old and a two-month-old, I’m still in the newborn/baby/toddler phase. But as I leave these stages, here are some ideas of what I can do with the baby stuff:

Diaper wipes warmer – many people think this is an unnecessary baby item…but I know my little ones appreciate the warm wipes on their bum bums, especially in winter! Use the warmer to keep your makeup remover toilettes warm. Makes taking off your makeup and washing your face much more enjoyable before bedtime!

Diaper Genie/Diaper Pail – I think everyone has one of these….and I’m convinced none of them truly work as they claim to. But what do you do with this big hunk of junk when your little ones say bye-bye to diapers? Well, if you have a dog, use it for the poop-bags! I don’t have a dog, but sounds like a good idea to me.

Moses Basket – One of my favorite baby items is our Moses Basket. It was a gift/hand-me-down from a friend and I love it. It is from Restoration Hardware. I only wish you could let baby sleep in it for longer. When baby moves to the crib, use it to hold stuffed animals.

Glass bottles – I registered for glass bottles when I was pregnant the first time and we have a bunch of them. They make great bud vases…water cups to wash off paintbrushes…measuring cup maybe!

Breast milk storage bags – I have a ton of these from my first time around, and I assume I’ll have a bunch left this time too. Use in the kitchen to freeze small amounts of left over wine, chicken stock, or even fresh herbs to use later on when cooking. Basically use in place of a small ziplock bag.

Can you think of other baby items that can be repurposed? 

2 thoughts on “Repurposing Baby Gear, Gadgets and Stuff

  1. I can tell you what I use a diaper genie 2 for–garbage. I’m single and don’t pitch that much garbage, so it became a real nuisance to have to take out a teeny bag daily, to avoid having my house smell like garbage. I’m in an apt., with no garage, so it meant a trip to the dumpster each time. I went to the thrift store and picked up a diaper genie 2, complete with refill, for five bucks. Now I use a trash can for paper trash, and the diaper genie 2 for the actual garbage.

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