Date Night for Parents – Is It Worth It?

My Husband & I

The answer is yes. I know date night is worth it for parents, in fact, it is extremely necessary and important. My husband and I had a date night last night for the first time in a while. It was the first time leaving my 7 week old with a sitter (we’ve left our 2-year-old before). And quite honestly, it was our first night out in a while. I am NOT good pregnant, so I really had no desire to go out when I was pregnant. So like I said, it’s been a while.

Just getting ready and actually getting out of the house for the date can be challenging, and yesterday, at times, I wondered, “Is this all worth it?”

My parents, husband and I with Lou Imbriano

I had a work event to celebrate the launch of Lou Imbriano’s first book, Winning the Customer. Even though I am on maternity leave, there was no doubt that I would attend. I’ve worked for and with Lou for 12 years and he’s been a wonderful boss and mentor. The event was from 5-7 pm on Monday night, then my husband and I planned to have dinner after. We had the babysitter set to arrive at 3:30pm. Sounds like a good plan…on paper.

I’m home with both my daughters on Mondays. My husband leaves at 5am. I take my older daughter to gymnastics from 9:30-10:30am, and then she usually goes down for a three-hour nap, during which the baby usually sleeps for 2 hours. The plan was for me to shower and get ready while the girls were napping.


11am rolls around…11:30am rolls around…noon…12:30pm…1pm…NO NAPS!!!  WTF??? Do they know I have to be showered ready and out the door looking presentable? Maybe they did know and were just f*#&$*% with me!

Finally at 1pm, I put my older daughter in the bath, the baby in her bouncy seat and I jumped in the shower (bath and shower are right next to each other so I could see her the entire time). I got out of the shower and the baby was not happy. So I put on a bra and panties (a thong to be specific…first time in a while…see my earlier post!), and strapped the baby in the Baby Bjorn and did my makeup and dried my hair. Of course she passed out as soon as I strapped her in.

Surprisingly, I was able to get my hair and makeup done while the baby was happily bouncing in the Bjorn and my older daughter was still “swimming like a dolphin” in the tub. Fast forward to about 3pm and I am getting my daughter dressed after her bath. I go to put on her pants and she says “Mommy, where are your pants?”

Thank god she said that or I may have answered the door when the babysitter arrived in my thong. I just laughed out loud and put my pants on.

The sitter arrived at 3:30, I took some time to run through the girls’ routine with her and another few minutes to finish primping and was out the door to pick up my husband at his work, then head into Boston. The event was great, a huge success. My parents came as well and it was nice to see them out in a social setting without the kids. Dinner was fantastic…if you haven’t eaten at Strega Waterfront, check it out.

At one point in the night, as I was yawning, I asked my husband what time it was. It was 7:15. Holy @(*%!!! I really thought it was at least 9! We got home just before 10pm, chatted with the sitter, fed the baby and went to bed. Only to be woken at 1:30 and 5am with the baby.

It was a nice night and I’m glad we went. I feel like crap today and I only had one glass of wine. I’m very tired. But still, with all the craziness to get ready and the fatigue I’m feeling now, it was still worth it.

My Date Night Outfit

Oh, and the important stuff….what did I wear???  It was stressful to pick an outfit. 7 weeks post c-section. Not the idea time to be at an event with clients, media, friends and acquaintances. But after a fashion show for my husband over the weekend, I settled on an off-white and black striped top with sequins and leggings. I added another black sequin tank under that top to give it a little more length, then I paired the tops with leggings. And I returned to my roots and my stilettos! I accessorized with an awesome Swarovski crystal emerald-green ring from my husband and some black metal bangles. And my favorite Chloe clutch. Felt strange to leave the house in sequins at 4pm on a Monday but I felt great :) and I rocked it!

Regardless how hard it is to plan and actually get ready for a date night, it’s worth it…so make time for it and do it!

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    • Even if it is a lunch, afternoon or early dinner date! Nick and I actually prefer the afternoon dates b/c then we are not paying for it the next day :). We plan to try and keep a standing date on the calendar each month!

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